Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movie review- Les Miserables

Les Mis√©rables (2012) Poster 

Directed by Tom Hooper, starring Huge Jackman, Anna Hathaway, Russel Crowe, Les Misrables is a musical drama set against a backdrop of 19th century France. Huge Jackman plays the role of a prisoner Jean Valjean who breaks parole with the policeman Javert played by Russel Crowe in close heels. Anna Hathaway clearly stands out as she portrays a highly emotional role of Fantine, a factory worker who was thrown out of job and Huge Jackman upon her death decides to take care of her daughter. It is no wonder why Anne Hathaway got nominated in the best supporting actress category for the upcoming academy awards. Visuals and emotions are powerful. Huge Jackman too exhibits great talent as a singer, dancer and actor. For those who have a knack for musical drama, this is a must watch movie. 
On a scale of 10 we give it a 9.5

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