Tuesday, May 21, 2013

S&P CNX Nifty for 22 May 2013.

The tipping point for the day is at 6132 with immediate support at 6108. There after the support is at 6070.
On the flip side the market will face immediate resistance at 6121, 6132 and 6151.
However to resume the bull run the market will have to conquer the resistance of 6187.
Our outlook for today is that the market looks inconclusive and weak in the face of the impending settlement and over bought positions in F&O segment and this may couse it to slide even lower.
However, to resume the current trend of strong bull run, the support of 6108 is very crucial for today which if taken out will result in  a decrease in the commitment by the market players and slowing the speed of ascent.

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