Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time has disappeared..

Time has disappeared

Time has disappeared
Into the air-tracks
Where a young girl's face,
Bird without body,
Takes flight.
From her eyes a black pearl
Escapes to Icaria sky.
She's daughter to oblivion
That bequeathed her
A morsel of moonless night,
Left on her lips.
She'll never touch earth
She'll never tease the stone
Nor the trees
Nor the waters that confound them.
She married an illusion
That vanished in the wind.

   ........................    by AurĂ©lia Lassaque

[This poem is an English translation by James Thomas as it appears on facing pages in her new collection - 'Solstice and Other Poems' which is a bilingual volume with Lassaque's Occitan originals in the side page.]

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